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This publication results from a private initiative of the publishers. It is not the idea of an association, an NGO, an institution or a company, but a simple initiative. As such, it has no legitimacy to raise funds or take any action other than to revive the debate and reawaken the memory and awareness of a tragedy which has been lasting for thirty years now. Nor is it supported by any association, NGO, political or religious organization. Besides, the NGOs and associations listed below for the appeal for donations have been selected solely on the basis of research by the editorial team. There has been no exchange or communication with those selected. Before making any payment, the editorial team advises readers to find out about the development of each organization’s actions and the validity of the links, and to do their own research into other organizations whose needs and specific forms of action are closer to their own convictions. The links point to websites providing information on actions and needs, as well as to donation forms requested directly by their recipients. Other bilingual versions are available: Spanish/Portuguese (SPA-POR/POR/SPA), Italian/Greek (ITA-ELL/ELL-ITA), German/Turkish (DEU-TUR/TUR-DEU), Arabic/Farsi (ARA-FAR/FAR-ARA), Hebrew/Arabic (HEB-ARA/ARA-HEB). Some will only be available online or on our networks.


The Manifesto of the Abyss
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